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Fast, Simple and Accurate AI-Powered Localization utility for your software, game, app, website projects and more with only one action away. forget the old localization process.

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Universal Localization for All Your Software Projects

You can use it with any project, whether it's a website, a mobile app, a desktop app, a game, or simply any other project built with any programming language or framework.


Discover the Powerhouse Features of LangSync

These Key Features Make LangSync the Ultimate Software Localization Tool.

AI Powered

LangSync harnesses the immense power of AI to provide you with unparalleled localization capabilities. Our AI-powered solution ensures that your software seamlessly adapts to its specific context, making your software truly global

Accurate and Precise

LangSync stands out for its exceptional accuracy and precision. Our cutting-edge technology guarantees not only accurate translations but also an unmatched contextual fit. We ensure that translations seamlessly integrate with the context of your content.

Quick and Flawless

LangSync boasts exceptional speed, enabling rapid translation of your software within seconds to minutes, depending on its size. This agility empowers your development process, making it more flexible and efficient.

Developer Friendly

LangSync is a developer-centric solution crafted by developers for developers. We prioritize efficiency by offering direct, no-nonsense commands to achieve your goals without any unnecessary clutter.


What People who used LangSync Say

We are proud to have helped many developers and companies to localize their software with AI, and here are some of their testimonials.

“Our members are so impressed. It saves us a huge amount of time and money. It's simple but powerful.


Front-End Developer

Beta Tester

The localizations generated by LangSync are very accurate and precise, I can even instruct it to use a specific context for a specific word, and it will still do it.


Flutter Developer, Solopreneur

Beta Tester

As someone on tight budget, I was looking for a free solution to localize my software, and I found LangSync, and I am happy with what it does.


Saas Developer, Solopreneur

Beta Tester


Explore LangSync's Flexible Pricing Options

Unlock the Treasure Chest: Navigate Our Price Tiers at LangSync!


$ 19.99/mo

  • 5 User
  • All UI components
  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • Use on 1 (one) project
  • 4 Months support
Beta Phase Plan


$ 0/mo

  • Up to 1 User
  • Core Features Only
  • CLI Tool Access
  • Shared Cloud Computing (Limited)
  • Priority customer support


$ 70.99/mo

  • 5 User
  • All UI components
  • Lifetime access
  • Free updates
  • Use on 1 (one) project
  • 4 Months support

Any Questions? Answered

Anticipating Your Queries, Find Answers to Common Questions. Contact Us for Anything Else!

LangSync is a command line tool, you can use it by installing it on your machine and then running the commands that you want, you can check the documentation for more information.
Currently, LangSync is available for use on Windows, Linux and MacOS (soon).
LangSync is AI powered, it relies on the power of AI to translate your software, so it supports at least all ISO 639-1 languages, which are 184 languages.
We decided to start with the most common file format, which is JSON, but we are already working to support YAML format, and planning to support more formats in the future such as XML, CSV, etc.
We are currently in the beta phase, and we want to make sure that everything is working as expected, so we decided to make it free for now until we are sure that everything is working as expected.
We do not store any of your data in its plain form, we only store it in its encrypted form, and we do not share it with anyone. please read our privacy policy for more information.
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